Tuesday, May 12, 2009

About the Artist

"That's my grandmother's pitcher!"...."I've been there."....."I can feel the mosquitos already!"...

Familiarity of subject matter is implied in works created by Julie Fisher. The viewer often recognizes or can relate something personal in Julie's portraits, still life and landscapes. Her studies in classical realism is also reflected in her accomplishments.

Julie began her formal art instruction at Arapahoe Community College where she developed varied approaches to her art. However, time spent training with Valorie Snyder strongly influenced Julie's realistic style. Valorie trained at Atelier Richards in Amarillo, Texas under the direction of Kirk Richards. This training is devoted to teaching classical realist techniques. Studying with Cindy Haase strengthened her knowledge in color and painting with Jane Angelheart enhanced the applications of color in her portraits. Julie is continuing to make advancements in work depicting light and shadow and tonal painting with Deborah Bays.