Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Art Show at the AUM Gallery

The art show exhibited at the AUM Gallery was a great success! The opening reception was well attended including other well known local artists giving the show high praise. The show continued to have high attendance during the entire exhibition. I would like to thank all of you who got a chance to view these works of art!

Continuing To Try Something New

In this piece, Kari continued to explore the water soluble colored crayons. These are applied on the first layer, to move the layering of colored pencils along a little faster. Mission accomplished with great results!

A Student's Continuing Progress

Meri is moving forward with 'gusto'! She took on the challenge of two people facing forward. This project had several challenges including the wide range of values, tight and softened edges, further growth in understanding what your tools can do for you, understanding when to make an artistic change that will enhance the piece (which does not mean to change the appearance of the people), and more! This was one of those projects where there were highs and lows, moving into areas of the unknown for Meri. Meri has benefited by completing this piece and is a better artist for it!

What A Feeling of Accomplishment!

This past December Ashton completed her first animal pencil drawing. What an accomplishment! She diligently persisted to the last final touches. Well done, Ashton!