Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Building a Critique List For Your Artwork

What is a Critique List?
        A critique list is a list of techniques and/or art vocabulary that you can use to view your art and perhaps make it better or help you get "unstuck".  Think of words or phrases that you have learned from art classes, articles, when viewing art and when talking with other artists, write them down.  This is an on going draft that can be edited at any time.
     My list consists of some of these words or phrases:
           -Lost and found lines
           -Check values
           -Repetition of shapes and color
           -Interesting positive and negative shapes
(Keep listing to about 7 items to start or just the ones you can think of.)

In this piece of mine," Pink Tulips ", I was aware of several items on my list and not all on the list applied:
       -Check values
       -Interesting positive and negative space
       -Check composition (use of space)
       -Repetition of shapes and colors

When you have your own Critique List, it comes in handy when you don't have another artist or teacher available.  I've made several copies to have a list by my computer, in my studio, in my art bag and purse.  Most of the time you can figure out what to do next when doing art,  yourself!    https://www.etsy.com/people/juliefisher3?ref=si_pr