Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Beginning Student Progress

(left image) Avary very shyly came to class ready to draw. Before art instruction started I had her draw a picture of a face. Avary is 10 years old.
(right image) This is Avary's progress after about one month of drawing instruction. She has taken what she has learned in class and has worked hard in class and at home. She is focused in class, but through interaction she has shown she is very knowledgeable about many things and is very confident. I am excited to see what she is capable of doing!

Working With Watercolor Crayons and Colored Pencil

This is Kari's first attempt using watercolor crayons with Prismacolor Colored Pencil. (image is 5"x7") Using these crayons helps to move the colored pencil process more quickly. Normally you may apply 7 or 8 layers of pencil but when using the watercolor crayons you may only have 3 to 4 layers of colored pencil to get the desired results. You apply the watercolor crayon to Pastelbord's sanded surface for the first layer and then apply water to blend. Then you add the colored pencil layers. Super job, Kari!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Class Descriptions (Sept. to May)

Kids Drawing

Join us for some drawing fun! This class promotes solid drawing skills through age-adjusted exercises. Learn right brain training, light and shadow, perspective, composition, and more!

Students will work toward choosing their own subjects. Exercises will be given to practice at home to build eye training. (maximum students: 10)

by Justin (age 14)
after 2 months

Adult/Teen Drawing

You've always wanted to draw, but you weren't sure where to begin! Join us in a relaxed, risk-free environment. Right brain exercises will be integrated with classical, old-master training techniques (an innovative approach to teaching developed by Valorie Snyder) to instill a complete foundation of skills. You'll be surprised at your results! (maximum students: 10)

by Kathy (adult)
after 3 months


Experience the enjoyment of watercolor! Students will be come familiar with mixing colors, washes, value studies, and then apply what they have learned to a painting during these color exercises. Julie will explain and demonstrate different techniques and provide individual support. Drawing experience is helpful, but not required, for this class. Intermediate students will work on composition, still life and other subjects of their choice. Individual instruction will be provided. (maximum students: 8)

Colored Pencil

Come discover colored pencil! Enjoy a portable medium that is versatile and vibrant. Different types of pencils, papers, and application strokes will be introduced. Julie will integrate drawing skills, composition and color theory into each class. All beginning students start by creating a color wheel, move on toward choosing their own subjects, and working at their own pace. Some drawing skill is recommended for this class. (maximum students: 8)

Supply List for the Adult/Teen Colored Pencil Class

  • Bristol Board Pad (Vellum surface, 9"x12")
  • Pad of Black Artagain, by strathmore, 9"x12"
  • #2 pencil
  • Ruler
  • Small handheld pencil sharpener (with attached case to catch pencil shavings)
  • Knead eraser
  • Pink pearl eraser
  • Prismacolor Colored Pencils (set of 48 or larger) Watch for 40% off coupons from Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Aaron Brothers sometimes has 50% off.
  • A list of optional supplies will be supplied during class.

Supply List for the Adult/Teen Drawing Class

  • Paper: Smooth, quality paper (11:x14" or larger). Strathmore 400 Series is good. Canson and Morilla are also good brands. Don't get the Academie brand. It doesn't erase well. Do not get newsprint. Try to get the kind with spiral wire binding, so the pages don't fall out.
  • Pencils: 2 each of the HB, F, and 2H (a #2 is ok to start with)
  • Erasers: Knead eraser, pink pearl, vinyl eraser, a Faber-Castell pencil eraser (This eraser looks like a regular pencil in a natural wood outer casing except it is a pink eraser inside. They come in packages of 2.) Have a selection of erasers for different uses.
  • Ruler: 18 inch, clear plastic. Try to find a "Graph-ruler" with red, one-inch markings, which go all the way across the width of the ruler. Try not to get a really thick one with a beveled edge. Also 1 small 6-8 inch, any kind.

Supply List for the Kids Drawing Class

  • Sketch Pad: Smooth quality paper (11"x14" or 14"x11"). Strathmore 400 Series is good.

Canson and Morilla are also good brands.

  • Pencils: 2H, HB, F, 2B (a #2 is ok to start with)
  • Pencils sharpener (with attached case to catch pencil shavings)
  • Knead eraser, pink pearl eraser (or similar), and a Faber-Castell pencil eraser (It looks just like a pencil with a natural wood outer casing, but it's a pink eraser inside instead of lead. They come in a package of 2.))

Please mark your name or initials on your pencils and pink pearl eraser. Other students have these supplies also.

Class Location

I teach my classes at:

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
6322 S. Lakeview St.
Littleton, CO 80120

A main intersection nearby is S. Broadway and Caley. Caley is between Orchard and Arapahoe Rd.

You enter the church by the south side parking lot entrance, go up the stairs and turn to your immediate left . You go down the hall to classroom 3.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Welcome to my Blog

Three Pears is a painting where repeated single color glazing is applied. The repeated layers makes the object(s) appear more luminous. I love this way of painting!