Friday, August 8, 2008

Supply List for the Kids Drawing Class

  • Sketch Pad: Smooth quality paper (11"x14" or 14"x11"). Strathmore 400 Series is good.

Canson and Morilla are also good brands.

  • Pencils: 2H, HB, F, 2B (a #2 is ok to start with)
  • Pencils sharpener (with attached case to catch pencil shavings)
  • Knead eraser, pink pearl eraser (or similar), and a Faber-Castell pencil eraser (It looks just like a pencil with a natural wood outer casing, but it's a pink eraser inside instead of lead. They come in a package of 2.))

Please mark your name or initials on your pencils and pink pearl eraser. Other students have these supplies also.

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