Friday, August 8, 2008

Supply List for the Adult/Teen Drawing Class

  • Paper: Smooth, quality paper (11:x14" or larger). Strathmore 400 Series is good. Canson and Morilla are also good brands. Don't get the Academie brand. It doesn't erase well. Do not get newsprint. Try to get the kind with spiral wire binding, so the pages don't fall out.
  • Pencils: 2 each of the HB, F, and 2H (a #2 is ok to start with)
  • Erasers: Knead eraser, pink pearl, vinyl eraser, a Faber-Castell pencil eraser (This eraser looks like a regular pencil in a natural wood outer casing except it is a pink eraser inside. They come in packages of 2.) Have a selection of erasers for different uses.
  • Ruler: 18 inch, clear plastic. Try to find a "Graph-ruler" with red, one-inch markings, which go all the way across the width of the ruler. Try not to get a really thick one with a beveled edge. Also 1 small 6-8 inch, any kind.

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