Tuesday, September 24, 2013

More Kids Watercolor Summer 2013


Annabelle (age 12) had moved to applying techniques learned to applying them to a larger painting (8x10").  In this piece, she brushed on washes and glazes, dry brushed, applied warm and cool pine trees and provided cast shadows for the snow drifts and aspen.  Quite an accomplishment, Annabelle!

Kids Watercolor Summer 2013

  Claire (age 13) learned several watercolor techniques.  She applied those techniques to a collage of her own and created a Cupcake Original!!
We had fun!  A job well done, Claire!

Jumping Into Watercolor!

Diana's original watercolor
up close!
Diana jumped in and created this beautiful watercolor!  She has learned about the wet-in-wet technique, lost and found edges, composition and more.  This piece is an original.  Well done, Diana!
Diana's original framed!