Wednesday, August 13, 2014

"I Can't Draw!"

"I can only draw stick figures."  I can tell you that I have heard this many times!  I so strongly disagree! It has been observed that many people slow and/or stop their art development once they begin noticing their peers progress. This can occur around 4th grade.  Children start looking at other's progress and become very judgmental of their own. This can change with instruction about visual tools that can help you see and look differently at what you want to draw.

With guidance and practice, you can use the tools like negative space and contour lines to help you see and record on paper the object or scene before you. Taking the visual tools one at a time and practicing what you learn your halfway there!  In the end you can apply what you've learned all together and you'll be amazed at the outcome. 

This adult student is applying what she has learned to drawing a ceramic cream carton, an egg and a ribbon.

This child (aged 10) applied her skills to this snake in the grass drawing.

Learning different ways to look at something can take away the uncertainty and provide you with more confidence which transfers to your work. 

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