Sunday, August 17, 2014

Involvement in the Arts Positively Effects the Academics

In a 2010-2011 cohort study of 197,932 12th grade seniors,
data showed evidence of a strong relationship
between individuals who participated in school arts experiences
and higher academic success as demonstrated by
grade point averages, scores on the Florida Comprehensive
Assessment Test (FCAT) and math and verbal portions
of the SAT exam. The results showed the positive effect
of participation in fine arts classes on a broad base of
individuals, including students from varying races, ethnicities,
socioeconomic levels, and students with disabilities.

This teen started using their own photos!
I've observed many of my students grow and bloom in the last years. Many (children and adults) have grown in confidence where in the beginning these individuals were quietly observing and later were speaking out during discussions and were more at ease sharing their work. I've seen students 'stick-with-it' when they knew they could do a particular art project. New students were met with "I did that too and you get better" or "You should see what mine looked like at first" (and they share their art).

Students also get better at self-critiquing.  After listening to others or transferring what they've learned from instruction, more and more students gain confidence and therefore are able to see what they can improve on. This is so much a part of problem solving.  Students learn to look at objects/drawings differently seeing there is more than one way to get a image down on paper.  My hope would be for people to learn enough so that they can go home and continue their art independently.  I can also see how what students learn here in class can carry over to their academic and personal lives.
Here is an adult's first ever framed piece!

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