Sunday, August 24, 2014

How To Get The Most Out of Drawing or Any Other Art Class

If you're like me, I like to get my moneys worth!  First, I try to have all of my supplies or find out what is needed to get started. Having what I need helps my confidence.  I like to feel that I have the supplies for whatever the teacher may have us do. I like to be able to focus and access the creative part of my mind and apply it.  So Be Prepared!

When taking a class, come with An Open Mind!  Yes, something may be out of your comfort zone or gee I wasn't expecting this......  I recommend to Just Go For It!  Ask questions, observe others and just try it!  Take notes and keep handouts!  I like to take all I can from a class.  You may decide later that you'll use just part of what you learn or it may apply to your art later.  You don't want to be too judgmental and take little or nothing from the class. I can honestly say that I have found that I always have taken home little nuggets of valuable information from all classes I've taken over the years.

Listen/take notes/record during teacher lectures and demos.  Also listen to discussions between individuals and the instructor.  I always have my notebook nearby to jot something down.  My memory is poor and writing something down will allow me to continue what I'm currently doing.  If I need a clearer explanation I can ask later.

Take Notes on the critique the instructor may do on your work.  Think of it as suggestions.  Later you can go over the list, make adjustments in your art and see if the changes made a difference. I also listen to the critiques the teacher may do of other students.  I may hear something I forgot or something new......write it down!  You want to be a sponge!

When you're at home make time to go over notes and practice!  If you do this within 48 hours of the class, you're more likely to remember.  Practicing at home or while you're waiting when you're out and about and it will also help you improve and progress faster.  If you come across something you don't quite get, write it down and ask in your next class.

Adult student applying what he's learned
Keep going!  Give your art a chance.  Most times continued growth is just a step/critique a way.  You also don't want to forget to give yourself credit for how far you've come.
A student, age 12, learning watercolor techniques

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