Monday, January 19, 2015

Try Something New With Your Art

Are you in a rut? Try something new.  It doesn't have to be a big change, just something different to keep the art flow going.  Is your art all the same size?  What would it be like to experiment with a larger size.  Go smaller.......smaller yet.  Take that challenge to think how to get a composition down in the new space you now have.

Try painting in a different place.  If you paint inside, try painting outside.  Prepare for outside and include a camera in case you don't get a chance to finish.  Paint in a nearby park, at a dog park, where children play, where the shadows are interesting when they hit a house or other buildings. Take a lunch and make a day of it.

Have you every tried abstract work?  Pick some of your favorite colors and experiment.  Maybe put a pile of objects down and just paint shapes, not the objects.  Cut magazine pages out, cut into different shapes and patterns, lay them down in such a way that is pleasing to you.  Now go!

Sometimes it just takes making a change with get the excitement of art going again. Give it  

Try something different and have fun!

"One of a Kind" (on Pastelbord) by Julie Fisher

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