Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Whip Those Cute Little Paintings Out and Sell, Sell, Sell

At one time I thought if I could paint a bunch of cute little paintings, I could sell them fast and make money!. I found a small stuffed horse and scrunched it up in a blanket and tried to paint it........I couldn't.......It didn't have any meaning for me.  I had no special connection to the horse or blanket.  I never did complete the piece and I'll never forget that learning exercise.
adult student

adult student

I find I need to relate somehow to the subject or it will be unsuccessful. Now, if the toy was one that you'll see in my baby picture and the blanket was a quilt my mother made, THAT'S a different story!
If the mountain landscape is where my siblings and I have experienced hiking, biking or being  snowed in at the family cabin....that's what you paint.  If you notice the gorgeous shades of reds and greens in a lovely shaped pear.....that's what you paint.  The subject you choose should have meaning to you.  Now I know after much practice you may be able to paint or draw almost anything but there will be little emotion radiating from these pieces.  They won't be a part of you and the viewer will notice.
student age 11

teen student
older adult student
When you choose a subject for your next project, pick something with meaning, something you can relate to and you'll find you'll be more successful.

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